Monday, April 15, 2013

New York Trip

Hello, hello! Yes, I am both alive and have finally made the time to sit down and post all 90 photos that were captured by my new Canon S110 in New York. If you do a quick google search of the camera that I just mentioned, you will see that it is absolutely tiny in comparison to the camera I usually use - Canon EOS 7D. It was time to get a small, digital camera for practical reasons and boy, oh, boy.. I LOVE IT! It is compact yet still offers great quality. Let me know what you think of the photos and if you'd like to see some outfit photos with this camera as I could just pop it in the tiniest of clutches and still be good to go.

I'm trying to keep this post short and sweet but we ALL know that that just ain't happening. I love to talk. I was debating whether I should make several separate posts for each day accompanied with the photos from said day but decided on doing a HUGE photobomb and talking you though each photo bit by bit. I won't say much because I'll do a separate post for my personal experience on this trip, haul video+photos and all that jazz.

PS. Photos are in chronological order.

Hope you enjoy! XO
Our room could have been a LOT bigger for the price but it was bearable. I know that here the room looks quite spacious but let me assure you, it's just the angle of the room at which the photo was taken..
Our little bathroom full of Peter Thomas Roth goodies.
We took a day trip to New Jersey for a full day of shopping in the Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall. Oh my god, we were so exhausted from all the shopping that we couldn't wait to just sit down and eat at Applebee's. I liked this strawberry lemonade that I ordered two, heheh..
Dropped by the Converse store; my dad said that my sneakers were getting embarrassing with how dirty and broken they are and that I should get new ones. Just look at the difference, haha!
It said on the brochure for the mall that you should come with a suitcase ready or be prepared to buy one there, obviously we thought they were joking but OH NO - literally every second person had a suitcase of some sort. My dad and I found that quite amusing but quite quickly decided that we should get one as well, especially seeing as my current one at the time was falling apart anyways.
After a full day of shopping, enjoying a drink and waiting for the mini-bus back to New York.
It was my first time trying a Starbucks Refresher. Super yummy, ended up buying a pack in Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus to bring back home.
Beautiful skyscrapers, love the slope.
Main mode of transportation - a cab or a Lincoln car.
A map of New York is essential.
Visited MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) and was... intrigued by this. Stockings full of sand. *Aheeeem*
Loving the lips.
The ever-so-famous painting of ''The Scream'' by Van Gogh.
I enjoy a lot of works by René Magritte so it was nice to see some of them in real life!
A delicious ham and cheese melt at Lindy' God. I'm surprised I'm not double the size I was since visiting the US, haha.
And of course I had to try their strawberry milkshake as well! I adore diners.
The architecture in the whole city is amazing.
By the end of the day, your neck hurts from having to keep looking up!
These street signs were all over the place.
Paid a visit to the Natural History Museum. Fun fact: did you guys know that the movie ''Night At The Museum'' was filmed there?
This is a bit random but we went to Central America and saw some AMAZING animals! Okay. I lied. I wish though.. In the same museum, they  had these little booths with displays of animals and most of them looked so lifelike! I took some photos of my favourite ones.
Moose! The art work in the background is truly amazing.
Guys..... I feel an internet meme coming up.
What the booths looked like.
A cheeky purchase, so in love with this jumper.
A cheeky bathroom outfit selfie before going to watch Chicago on Broadway!
Another selfie..shameless.
Jewelry picks of the night. 
We'd go to Starbucks near our hotel every morning. I'd usually get a Chait Tea Latte, banana or fruit salad and a blueberry muffin. I was full until early afternoon!
Tourist photo!
Taking a boat ride in the Hudson river. So amazing! Love how blue everything is..
Oh New York.. what a photogenic city you are.
Facebook timeline photo anyone?
I LOVE NY! I know, what a cliché.
Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, because of hurricane Sandy we couldn't actually get off there nor Ellis Island so we sort of just circled around them. Fun fact: my parents have climbed to the very top of the Statue of Liberty! Not just the crown, the TORCH. It's been banned for many years now however..
Brooklyn Bridge
Tourist type photo with the Brooklyn Bridge. Was very nice walking around the dock.
Times Square. Fun fact: did you know that Times Square is called the way it is because The New York Times HQ was located there many,many years ago? 
Chrysler Building
Empire State Building *cue ''Empire State of Mind'' by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z*
Flatiron building which was quite close to our hotel.
Gorgeous sunset as we're making our way to Brooklyn.
Yet another beautiful sunset hiding behind the Financial District/
Late night snacks: Magnolia Bakery cupcakes! Magnolia Bakery became very well-known because of their feature in Sex and The City. Red Velvet is my favourite, mhhh..
View from the top of the Rock (Rockefeller Plaza). Right ahead you can see the Empire State Building. It is lit up with pink and purple lights in celebration of Easter!
Grand Central Terminal! Gossip Girl anyone?
Sunrise over Manhattan.
Enjoying a calorie packed classic Cinnabon somewhere in Delaware or Maryland (memory is a bit foggy now..) on the way to Washington DC.
Vietnam War Memorial
Washington DC monument! Ahh.. Forrest Gump ;)
Abraham Lincoln Monument
Korean War Memorial
Beautiful magnolias blossoming somewhere close to the White House.
The White House itself..
..and the office inside!
..with Obama and Michelle, such lovely people! Hahaha, okay. I lied. Again. #sorrynotsorry This was in Madame Tussauds. Did I trick you?
Jackie and John Kennedy
Space craft atthe Smythsonian museum where the tour guide thought my dad and I were ''obviously'' a couple. Aw-kward.
The Washington DC Capitol
In what world are those chicken fingers. Biggest chicken ''fingers'' I've seen for sure, hahaha..
Breakfast food is the best food.
Taking a walk down Soho next to all the pretty shops. We even found the DASH store that was opened by the Kardashian sisters!
Excuse me while I drool.
May or may not have evacuated Bloomingdales aka BLOOMIES
Some cute shopping bags.
Not bad waking up to this, eh?
At the top of the Empire State Building. Hello pigeon.
So. Beautiful.
I miss it like crazy.
Central Park! Didn't get the chance to have a walk through it but one day I'm coming back for sure.
Guggenheim museum
A lovely, huge salty pretzel YUM!
Inside the Met.
Love the contrast and the satin-y feel.
Water Lillies by Monet
Hands down my favourite painting which happens to be one of Paul Signac's.
My huge tote bag from PINK definitely came in handy this trip.
Wasn't enough time to visit Macy's or the WORLDS LARGEST STORE as they like to call themselves but I know already that I would have just loved it, heheheh..
Leaving our cute little hotel.
Thank you for the lovely stay, New York. Until next time!



  1. izskatās lieliski!

  2. Lovely photos! I am AMAZED that they're not DSLR pics, the quality looks great! Looks like you had a lovely time, the food looks yummy ;) and i thought i'd mention this to you quickly, the scream's not by gogh it's by edvard munch ;) xx

  3. What a mammoth of a post!

    I'd love to go to NY city!

    Fantastic photography as usual my love. I remember staying in the Hilton in London and we were given complimentary Peter Roth products too.

    Definitely following you now on bloglovin :)



  4. I absolutely love New York and these pictures are just stunning! :) xx

  5. The Scream is by Edvard Munch, not Van Gogh.


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